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Chuan- Kai Ho, Assistant Professor
Title Associate Professor

Postdoc, Texas A&M University

PhD, Ecology and Evolution, University of Houston
Specialty Trophic interactions and their geographic variations; The impact of climate change on trophic interactions ;Applying ecology to conservation or agriculture
Lab  Life Science Building R1214
Lab Web  Plant-animal interactions and environmental change
Tel +886-2-33662466
Research Interests

Basic research in ecology: trophic interactions and their geographic variations.

Ecological applications: assessing the impact of climate change on trophic interactions; applying ecology to conservation or agriculture.

Welcome to Chuan-Kai Ho Lab! 
The lab focuses on plant-animal interactions and environmental change.


2017     Ying-Jie Wang, Takefumi Nakazawa, and Chuan-Kai Ho.  2017.  Warming impact on herbivore population composition affects top-down control by predators.  Scientific Reports 7: 941.

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2011     Cara Valinoti*, Chuan-Kai Ho, and Anna Armitage.  2011.  Native and exotic submerged aquatic vegetation provide different nutritional and refuge values for macroinvertebrates.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 409: 42-47.  *Undergraduate student. Cited by 15

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2008     Chuan-Kai Ho and Steven C. Pennings.  2008.  Consequences of omnivory for trophic interactions on a salt-marsh shrub.  Ecology 89: 1714-1722. Cited by 24

2007       Steven C.    Pennings,Martin Zimmer, Natália Dias, Martin Sprung, Nilam Davé, Chuan-Kai Ho, Amy Kunza, Caroline McFarlin, Malte Mews, Anett Pfauder, and Cristiano Salgado.  2007.  Latitudinal variation in plant-herbivore interactions in European salt marshes.  Oikos 116: 543-549. Cited by 45

2004        Carol E. Goranson, Chuan-Kai Ho, and Steven C. Pennings.  2004.  Environmental gradients and herbivore feeding preferences in coastal salt marshes.  Oecologia 140: 591-600. Cited by 49



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  • Plant-animal Interactions
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