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Chuan- Kai Ho, Assistant Professor
Title Assistant Professor

Postdoc, Texas A&M University

PhD, Ecology and Evolution, University of Houston
Specialty Trophic interactions and their geographic variations; The impact of climate change on trophic interactions ;Applying ecology to conservation or agriculture
Lab  Life Science Building R1214
Lab Web  Plant-animal interactions and environmental change
Tel +886-2-33662466
Research Interests

Basic research in ecology: trophic interactions and their geographic variations.

Ecological applications: assessing the impact of climate change on trophic interactions; applying ecology to conservation or agriculture.

Welcome to Chuan-Kai Ho Lab! 
The lab focuses on plant-animal interactions and environmental change.


2013 Chuan-Kai Ho and Steven C. Pennings. Preference and performance in plant-herbivore interactions across latitude – a study in U.S. Atlantic salt marshes. PLoS One. Accepted.

2013 Chelse M. Prather, Shannon Pelini, Angela Laws, Emily Rivest, Megan Woltz, Christopher P. Bloch, Israel Del Toro, Chuan-Kai Ho, John Kominoski, T. A. Scott Newbold, Sheena Parsons, and A. Joern. Invertebrates, ecosystem services and climate change. Biological Reviews. In press.

2012 Juan M. Jimenez, Kazik Wieski, Laurie B. Marczak, Chuan-Kai Ho, and Steven C. Pennings. 2012. Effects of an omnivorous katydid, salinity and nutrients on a planthopper-Spartina food web. Estuaries and Coasts 35: 475-485.

2011 Cara Valinoti*, Chuan-Kai Ho, and Anna Armitage. Native and exotic submerged aquatic vegetation provide different nutritional and refuge values for macroinvertebrates. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 409: 42-47. *Undergraduate student.

2011 Laurie B. Marczak, Chuan-Kai Ho, Kazik Wieski, Huy Vu, Robert F. Denno, and Steven C. Pennings. Latitudinal variation in top-down and bottom-up control of a salt marsh food web. Ecology 92:276–281.

2010 Chuan-Kai Ho, Steven C. Pennings, and Thomas H. Carefoot. Is diet quality an overlooked mechanism for Bergmann's rule? American Naturalist 175: 269-276.

2009 Steven C. Pennings, Chuan-Kai Ho, Cristiano Salgado, Kazimierz Wieski, Nilam Dave, Amy Kunza, and Elizabeth L. Wason. Latitudinal variation in herbivore pressure in Atlantic Coast salt marshes.Ecology 90: 183-195.

2008 Chuan-Kai Ho and Steven C. Pennings. 2008. Consequences of omnivory for trophic interactions on a salt-marsh shrub. Ecology 89: 1714-1722.

2007 Steven C. Pennings, Martin Zimmer, Natalia Dias, Martin Sprung, Nilam Dave, Chuan-Kai Ho, Amy Kunza, Caroline McFarlin, Malte Mews, Anett Pfauder, and Cristiano Salgado. 2007. Latitudinal variation in plant-herbivore interactions in European salt marshes. Oikos 116: 543-549.

2004 Carol E. Goranson, Chuan-Kai Ho, and Steven C. Pennings. 2004. Environmental gradients and herbivore feeding preferences in coastal salt marshes. Oecologia 140: 591-600.


Courses offered
  • Plant-animal Interactions
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