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Lien-Siang Chou, Professor
Title Professor
1989 Ph.D. (Ecology) University of California, Davis, USA
1980 M.S. (Zoology) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
1978 B.S. (Zoology) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Interest Animal Ecology, Animal Behavior, Cetaceans, Evolutionary Biology
Lab Rm. 635, Life Science Building
Tel 886-2-33662468
Fax 886-2-23639902
Research Interests
  1. Ecology & Conservation of Whales and dolphins
  2. Ecology of Stray dogs, Birds, Fairy Shrimps & Fig wasps
Lab Introduction: 

Throughout my post-graduate and academic career I have applied the approach of evolutionary ecology and biology to a wide variety of researches, including the studies of figs and fig wasps, bird community ecology, life history of fresh water fairy shrimps, behavior and population dynamics of stray dogs, as well as human attitude toward mammals. In addition, my lab has been actively involved since 1990 in both research and conservation actions for whales and dolphins (Cetaceans) in Taiwan.

My current projects include:

Cetaceans: stranding response, morphological & genetic phylogeography, comparative study of life-history strategies, interaction with fishery operation, impacts of whale watching.

Fairy shrimps: life history, population dynamics

Lab Website

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Courses offered
B41 U1150 Evolutionary Biology
B01 45200 Animal Behavior
B01 34110 Ecology
B01 34120 Ecology Lab
B44 U1080 Marine Mammalogy and Lab
B44 U2290 Special Topics in Animal Behavior
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