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Ling-Ling Lee, Professor
Title Professor
1986 Ph.D. (Ecology) University of California, Davis, USA
1981 M.S. (Zoology) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
1979 B.S. (Zoology) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Interest Animal Ecology, Animal Behavior, Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, Biodiversity
Lab Rm. 638, Life Science Building
Tel 886-2-33662471
Fax 886-2-23634606
Research Interests
  1. Taiwan Long-term Ecological Research: Mammal community at Fushan Experimental Research Forest
  2. Ecology and Behavior of Mammals in Taiwan
  3. Sustainable Development Indicators for Taiwan
Lab Introduction: Wildlife Research Lab

Research in our lab focuses on ecology and behavior of mammals in Taiwan, including: (1) long-term ecological research on mammal communities at Fushan Experimental Research Forest, particularly in the aspect of mammals’ impact on plant regeneration through seed dispersal by Taiwan macaques and browsing by Formosan muntjac; (2) Population ecology and genetics of Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra); (3) Biological studies on Taiwan macaques, Formosan sambar, bats, shrews, and rodents; (4) Sustainable development indicators for Taiwan。

The long-term goals of our research are to accumulate biological information of mammals in Taiwan, to reveal the ecological roles of mammals in Taiwan’s ecosystems, and to provide knowledge to the conservation and management of mammals in Taiwan.



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Lai YT, Chen JH, and Lee LL. 2011. Prey selection of a shell-invading leech as predicted by optimal foraging theory with consumption success incorporated into estimation of prey profitability. Functional Ecology 25:147157. (SCI)

Kuo HC, Fang YP, Csorba G, and Lee LL. 2009. Descriptions of three new species of the genus Murina (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from Taiwan. Journal of Mammalogy 90(4): 980-991. (SCI)

Shih CC, Huang CC, Li SH, Hwang MH and Lee LL. 2009. Ten novel tetranucleotide microsatellite DNA markersfrom Asiatic black bear, Ursus thibetanus. Conservation Genetics 10(6):1845 - 1847 (SCI)

周政翰、徐昭龍、莊孟憲、李玲玲。2008。台灣管鼻蝠(Murina puta)棲居於香蕉葉之發現紀錄。特有生物研究10(1):19-24

Huang CC, Lin RC, Li SH and Lee LL. 2007. Characterization of tetra-nucleotide microsatellite loci from the Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica). Molecular Ecology Note 7(3): 483-485. (SCI)

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Courses offered
B01 101A2 General Biology (2nd semester)
B01 106A2 General Biology Lab (2nd semester)
B01 34110 Ecology
B01 34120 Ecology Lab
B44 U1010 Mammalogy and Lab
B44 U1020 Animal Behavior
B01 16300 Biodiversity
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