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Pei-Fen Lee, Professor
Title Professor
1991 Ph.D. (GIS & Remote Sensing)
M.S. (Biostatistics)
University of Michigan
1983 M.S. (Wildlife Ecology)
National Taiwan University, Department of Zoology
1981 B.S. (Zoology)
National Taiwan University, Department of Zoology
Interest Landscape ecology, Remote sensing, GIS and Data analysis
Lab Life Science Building R609
Tel 886-2-33662469
Fax 886-2-23623501
Research Interests

Species richness pattern in Taiwan
Distribution prediction model
Large-scale ecology
Digital archives of wildlife data

Lab Introduction: Spatial Ecology Lab

We study large-scale ecological phenomena by the use of statistics, database, remote sensing, global positioning system, and geographic information system. Field works are conducted to collect ground truth data. All data are geo-referenced and spatially processed.

Spatial Ecology Lab Home (In Chinese)


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Lin, R. S., C. T. Yao, and P. F. Lee*. 2007. The diet of Fairy Pitta Pitta nympha nestlings in Taiwan as revealed by videotaping.  Zoological Studies 46: (SCI)

Courses offered
205 30700 Ecology
205 30800 Ecology Lab.
205 36800 Computer applications in biology
205 24000 Bioinfomatics
225 U2440 Statistical ecology
225 U2450 Ecological methodlogy
225 U2510 Ecological applications of remote sensing
225 U2540 Data analysis
225 U2730 Ecological data analysis
225 U3170 Ecological applications of GIS
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