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Pei-Fen Lee, Professor (李培芬 教授)

Title: Professor

Education: Ph.D. (GIS & Remote Sensing), M.S. (Biostatistics) University of Michigan (1991)
Interest: Landscape ecology, Remote sensing, GIS and Data analysis

E-mail: leepf@ntu.edu.tw
Lab: Life Science Building R609
Tel: +886-2-33662469
Fax: +886-2-23623501

Research Interests

  • Species richness pattern in Taiwan
  • Distribution prediction model
  • Large-scale ecology
  • Digital archives of wildlife data

Lab Introduction: Spatial Ecology Lab

We study large-scale ecological phenomena by the use of statistics, database, remote sensing, global positioning system, and geographic information system. Field works are conducted to collect ground truth data. All data are geo-referenced and spatially processed.

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Courses offered

EEB5042 地理資訊系統特論
EEB7004 空間分析專題討論
EEB5005 資料分析
EEB5059 研究方法與表達
LS3023 生態學
LS3024 生態學實驗
LS1005 普通生物學甲下
LS1013 普通生物學實驗甲下



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(B) 國內外學術研討會論文或摘要:

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林瑞興、李培芬. 2008. 植被結構及竹林密度對臺灣保育鳥種八色鳥(Pitta nympha)巢位選擇的影響. 第 120-132 頁,第七屆海峽兩岸鳥類學術研討會論文集,財團法人臺灣自然保育文教基金會,台北。

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(C) 專書及專書論文:

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(D) 技術(調查)報告及其它等:

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