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楊瑋誠 副教授 (Wei-Cheng Yang, Associate Professor)

職 稱: 副教授

最高學歷: 臺灣大學 生態學與演化生物學研究所博士
專長: 鯨豚保育醫學、診斷工具開發

E-mail: yangweicheng@ntu.edu.tw
研究室: 獸一館309室
電話: (02) 33663871







VM 2006 獸醫寄生虫學及實習 Veterinary Parasitology and Lab.
VM 5013 獸醫法規與倫理 Veterinary Jurisprudence and Ethics


2018 I-Hua Chen, Lien-Siang Chou, Shih-Jen Chou, Jiann-Hsiung Wang, Jeffrey Stott, Myra Blanchard, I-Fan Jen, Wei-Cheng Yang. Sound exposure-induced cytokine gene transcript profile changes in captive bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) blood identified by a probe-based qRT-PCR. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 80: (in press). (SCI)

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Other journals

2013/09 Kun-Wei CHAN, Tsung-Ying PING, Shih-Jen CHOU, Zhi-Jia ZHENG, Wei-Cheng YANG, Jyh-Mirn LAI, Dan-Yuan LO, Chih-Cheng CHANG, Jui-Te WU. Case Report: Treatment of an Elderly Dog with Concurrent Heart Disease and Acute Uremia by Hemodialysis. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 39(3):150-157

2013/05 Wei-Cheng Yang, Jer-Ming Hu, Lien-Siang Chou. Sequence analyses of MHC Class II DQB gene in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops spp.) and the other delphinid species from the western Pacific. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 39(2):100-109.

2013/05 Chou SJ, Lin HT, Wu JT, Yang WC, Chan KW. Genotyping of canine parvovirus type 2 VP2 gene in southern Taiwan in 2011. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 39(2):81-92.

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2013/05 Yuming SHEN, Kun Wei CHAN, Wei Cheng YANG, Yao Chi SU, Changyou YU, Jiannhsiung WANG, Minghuang CHANG, Jyhmirn LAI. Review: Dairy Cattle Body Condition Score Systems Developed by Different Countries and The Relationships between Body Condition Score and Common Cattle Diseases. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 39(2):135-149.

2012/09 Wei-Cheng Yang, Victor Fei Pang, Chian-Ren Jeng, Ling-Ling Chueh. Localization of morbillivirus nucleic acid in a pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) by in situ-reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 38: 177-182, 2012

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2002 Jung-To Chiu, Wei-Cheng Yang, Lien-Siang Chou and Chau-Hwu Chi. Hemotological, pathological and clinical investigation of stranded cetaceans in Taiwan. Taiwan Veterinary Journal 28(1): 64-73, 2002.

Book chapters

2015/07 楊瑋誠。環境豐富化。於 李淵百(主編),動物福祉。150-157頁。社團法人中華民國保護動物協會。ISBN 978-957-99573-4-2

2015/07 楊瑋誠。娛樂用動物福祉。於 李淵百(主編),動物福祉,512-519頁。社團法人中華民國保護動物協會。ISBN 978-957-99573-4-2

2012/05 Wei-Cheng Yang, Lien-Siang Chou, Jer-Ming Hu. Sequence analysis of MHC class II genes in cetaceans. Histocompatibility. ISBN 978-953-51-0589- 3

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